Wednesday, May 27, 2009

how to create fiber beads

~How to create fiber beads~
These are fiber beads that I created, oh what joyous fun they are to create!!!

First gather your materials...

* drinking straw
* white glue
* scissors
* muslin, tapestry, nearly any cotton blend material
* acrylic paints
* 22 guage wires ~gold copper silver
* needle nose pliers
* wire cutters
* beads, charms & glitter!!

Tear/cut your muslin or cotton material 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch strips, this will be the width of your beads. You will want different sizes of beads~ Cut your strips to about 6 to 12 inches long(experimentation is best)

Proceed to wrap the material around the end of the straw, adding the white glue onto the material as you wrap it around the straw. Make sure it is glued securely & then cut the straw leaving some still within the middle of the wrap. You can usually get 3 beads per straw depending on length of the beads you create.

Now let the fun begin!!
Paint metallic paints on the material & ends. Wrap fibers or yarn around the bead. Wrap wire pieces 5 to 6 inches long, around the fibers or yarn to hold it in place. You can also add beads & charms to the wire, then add glitter or try dipping the beads in embossing powders!!

Have fun creating!!!