Monday, August 3, 2009

Featured Artists The Outsider Artists

They started noticing each other’s art on Ebay and Etsy. Sensing a certain “something” they all seemed to share – an emotional and sometimes dark approach to altered art – a small group arose, dedicated to exchanging ideas about art. Here they asked each other questions and openly shared techniques, experiences, and images. They also shared their lives with one another as friends do. After these artists joined together in a couple of group art projects, it seemed like a natural next step to join together in another kind of group venture.
Outsider Artists is a co-op of artists from this original group, selling original art pieces - ACEOs, mixed media assemblages, art tags, bookmarks, jewelry, journals, canvas pieces, boxes, dolls, corsets, hair accessories, and more –even an occasional jeweled crown! What you find at their site today might be totally different from what you find a week from now! They also offer a vast array of digital collage sheets including a beautiful antique style alphabet, tags, ACEO backgrounds, gorgeous vintage images, and edgy new images – many of which have been altered by the artist to enhance their appeal. These sheets are sent directly to your computer where you can print them as many times as you want to use in your own art projects. Each artist has her own catalog of art, listing the pieces that she currently has for sale. You will find that each artist has her own individual style. You can choose from art by Amy Flowe, Becky Loyall, Deborah Bohm, Jann Clark, Izabella, Judy Keefe, Lynn Tears, and Michelle McClinn, Jillian Schneider. Buy from one artist or buy from all of them. You will find that the artists welcome inquiries about custom pieces.
Outsider Artists is a treat to visit. In addition to the wonderful art pieces for sale, they offer free vintage images, articles on art-related topics, “how-to” instructions on various art projects and techniques, and links to other sites that you will want to visit. Via a comment section, they are able to have interaction with the people who visit their site. You can also see some of the prior art that each artist has created in their respective gallery sections.
Whether it is your first visit or your twentieth, you will want to stop by today to see what is new! (P.S. I hear these artists are set to embark on another group project at the end of summer. Rumor has it that at the end of this project, a joint creation will be offered for sale to benefit a designated charity. You will surely want to stay tuned for more about that!)
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