Monday, October 12, 2009

The Outsider Artists tribute to Edward and Bella Twilight



A few of the OA gals decided to create a few Twilight inspired art pieces & a giveaway!!

Be sure to leave a comment for the drawing, of a digital collage sheet created by Lynne of Moonlight Journey

Moonlight Journey Vampire Nights collage sheet

Izabella created the piece, "Dammit Edward why aren't you real!!!"

Dammit Edward why arent you real

closeup of beautiful Edward sparkling away.....

Dammit why arent you real closeup Izabella's Blue

and here is Izabella with Edward Cullen!! .....

2edward and me

with a little help of her favorite editing program...photoshop!!

New moon

Deborah has created several digital collages of Edward and Bella. She invites you to save all three of these images to your computer. The resolution of these images as posted is about 120 dpi. If you especially like one of her three Twilight collages and want to be able to make a high quality print of one of them, feel free to e-mail her at and she will e-mail you a high quality 300 dpi image of your favorite of the three displayed here! Additional collages are $3.00 for each 300 dpi image you want e-mailed to you. (Purchased collages will NOT have her name on the image.)

1BLOGnewmoono copy

Twilight 1D

2BLOG Edward Twilight Collage

Twilight 2D

3BLOGbellaed3 copy Twilight 3D

Becky Loyall created a giveaway also....Be sure to leave a comment for the giveaways.

Becky Loyall ~ Bella

and here is the original digital piece, by Becky...

Bella by Becky Loyall