Friday, June 25, 2010

Featured Artist ~ Tiffany Adventure

My Artsy Adventure Story


My name is Tiffany and I have a very fun but fairly unusual life.

I am married to Joe (a.k.a. "Utopia Joe"). We met about 3 years ago when he was the V.I.P. Film Maker and Artist at The Oklahoma Creativity Project Launch with his PBS TV series "Utopia Joe" show.

I remember reading his bio and being shocked by our similarities. Our past lives had included years as ministers working for the church, and our current vocations were both focused on being full time professional artists in the TV & Film industry. I came on board with his brilliant plan with the Utopia Joe Reality TV show. The show has evolved to be our remarkable real-life journey as husband and wife who are both trying to survive as full time artists in Oklahoma. Our garage is filled with local musicians who literally play in the shop while we create projects. There is nothing else like it on TV so it is hard to describe, but it reminds me of a surreal dream where the host is an OCD Bob Villa with a humorous bend that curves toward Howard Stern. The Set is a David Letterman Late Night Stage in an American Chopper garage with VH1 music videos. And if you're hungry, we are making mac-n-cheese like Rachel Ray. Except that I am wearing oven mitts while holding a plastic spoon, because honestly, I make art a whole more than I make food. It is there in the Utopia Joe Playground, that I play happily as both Artist, Culinary Mac Mommy and Muse that will kindle thoughts of colorful characters reminiscent of Daisy Duke, Audrey Hepburn and Kat Von D. What can I say?... I am an eclectic soul. To Alice in Wonderland, I say, 'p-shaw!'

Joe borrows the Lead Guitar during a music video shoot with Whitefall

This is me during the Making of a Cross Video Shoot

I am a Mommy and a Step-Mom. That makes 4 beautiful children all together. My two children are my daughter London and my son Hawk who are busy with elementary school. Joe's two children are Vanessa and Logan who are both in college. They are all very artistic and adventurous in their own unique and special ways and we are completely delighted with their strengths, charming personalities and witty repertoires.

London at Journey Church, Norman, OK

Hawk at Journey Church, Norman, OK

Vanessa at The Velvet Monkey, Plaza District - Photo Shoot

Logan & Hawk in Bricktown, OKC

Life is busy with travel and production and can be very hectic at times. We are very grateful that we have such amazing friends and families who have helped two crazy artists see their dreams come true.

Artsy Adventure Website

At Home and On The Go

This website is a look at the artsy adventure we experience through projects and our travels with creating art exhibitions both at home and on the go. Joe and I are both a Type A peeps with OCD tendencies. So in essence, we are organized neat freaks who make big fun messes in the shop that are truly necessary in order to create the art that is truly unique, beautiful, mind-bending, spirit altering, and often misunderstood.

Artsy Adventure Website
The Travel

When we go out on location, we always have our cameras and video equipment handy. We visit extraordinary places and experience the hotels, the restaurants, the music & art scene, and all the nearby attractions. We also try to excavate the secrets of the cities that are off the beaten path. I let my audience know the down-low for that really good time that is still undiscovered.

Artsy Adventure Website
The Mommy Plan - Keep it Simple... Less is More

Being organized is arguably an innate gift. However, everyone can learn from others and adapt with great strides. I will share my planning tool for travel, art and beyond. I have done the homework, so you don't have to. Learn from my experiences and take the goodies to create your own adventure both in the studio and a place without walls.

The Reviews - HEAR THE GOOD NEWS!!!

I really enjoy sharing the good news about all the places and 'finds' along the way. I ALWAYS write a good review. I remember my mother saying, as all good mothers say, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it all." Well, that is my philosophy. I choose to always make the good experience of any situation be my focus and that is what you can count on when you read my reviews. Let it be someone else's job to be a critic. The nag is not my bag. My staff is here to laugh. My dial is to smile... and did you ask for cheesy cheese??... well, apparently - Yes, Please!

The simple facts here are: You will only read about the good stuff. Our time is valuable and you and I both deserve to hear what is THE BEST!