Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have begun a new feature at the Creative Souls site. Besides the monthly main page featured artist~ a weekly featured artist in the forums. If you know of someone you would like to see featured, please drop me a note at the Creative Souls site

This weeks featured artist is the beautiful & amazing Julee Hermann. She is such an inspiration. Everyone who meets her, has her forever etched in their hearts, she is a beautiful shining star!!!

Julee Hermann is a local artist who works in assemblage, jewelry, and 3D inspirational art. Julee inspires creativity with her energy and her wonderful sense of humor. She knows how to connect people with their inner artist. Julee spends her weekends playing with her young family and teaching around the US helping students create one-of-a-kind shrines reflecting memorable moments in a life lived. Students walk away feeling as though they've created something to treasure. Julee's motto is "...make the two foot drop from head into your heart and work from there." ~written from the heart Gina Gabrielle

this is what Julee says..... I love to impart my enthusiasm for all things mixed media thru my workshops. I weave silliness and permission to play and express your self into my classes. My motto is "make that two foot drop from head to heart and work from there" art is made in the heart not the head. I like to remind people to just check in with where they are and to let the muses tickle them into creating for them. This month I'm teaching the skill of soldering through two different classes. The first of which is the Mermaid Reliquary Workshop at A Work of Heart Studio in San Jose class is on Sunday April 19th and runs from 12 – 4pm we'll build tiny boxes with a small scene inside and then enclose the pieces with mica and solder. $65 You can register through their fancy schmancy website at The advanced soldering class is being held at the lovely Tangerine gifts and ephemera shop in Dublin this will be a soldered bracelet comprised of vintage watch crystals, tiny images embellished with glitters (oh joy!) all soldered together in the most delightful way! Class is Saturday April 25 from 10 – 3pm cost is $55 and includes tea and cookies! Have a peek at their charming site at Call Gina Gabr... to sign up to play! I'm excited to announce for the first time, that this Summer, I will be sharing workshops with girls(and guys, too!) of all ages through my Mermaid Warriors Summer Camps. For 5 weeks from the end of June through the beginning of August we'll be pLaYIng MeRmAid Style... tentatively I'm working on Mondays and Fridays in Orinda and Wednesdays in Dublin and will be specializing in empowering people to express themselves through art and silliness!

Julee Herrmann Teacher/Artist HeArt Collective