Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Featured main page artist Pam Carriker

Pam Carriker, a life-long art lover, was raised in the Pacific Northwest.
Largely self-taught, her work is reflective of the more than 20 years of
experience using a variety of mediums. Teaching art at a private school
for a year, prompted her to further pursue her interest in art. She is a Design
Team member for both variaZioNE (ZNE) and Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps,
has had her work published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Somerset Studio,
Stamper's Sampler, and has the honor of being the featured guest artist in
August '08 Stampers' Sampler. On the horizon are articles in Somerset Art Journals, Jan '09, Somerset Apprentice, Mar '09, and Cloth, Paper, Scissors, May '09. She currently has work on display at the Art and Soul Gallery in Bothel, Washington.

Note from Pam..... I joined ZNE 1 1/2 years ago, after continually seeing those letters attached to work I liked on ebay. What did they mean? I finally asked and found my way to the wondrous world of mixed media art. I dove in head first and applied for the Design Team and was an excited girl to be welcomed aboard! That excitement knew no bounds when I realized that my best friend from junior high/high school was a fellow DT member! Thank goodness Laurie Blau-Marshall hyphenated her name or it may have taken awhile longer to figure out the connection.
Art has a way of connecting people, both long-lost friends, and the new friends we make daily via our blogs and websites. That's why we are all here, gathered together. To be inspired by each other, to encourage and be encouraged.
I have always created art in some form. From drawing purple polka dots on my bedroom walls as a child, (much to mom's displeasure:-), to the crafty types of art, to my current love of mixed media, especially portraits. I never in a zillion years would think I would be where I am right now, and would not, except for the continual support, encouragement, and inspiration found on Creative Souls and like minded mixed media websites. Here I learned to dream big, and to go after my dreams. While I create art that is born in my mother's heart, I have found a great deal of satisfaction in the level of professionalism that having my work published and writing about the creative process has brought to this stage of my life.
I was so completely amazed to come home to my emails this afternoon. It was one of 'THOSE' days today and this so completely made my day end on a high note. Thank you all so much for this honor. Honestly, it is an honor to just be involved with fellow artists like you.