Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Painting "Longing":


Artists Statement:

Shariyah was born in 1984 into a family of artists.

Rather than attending fine art schools, her childhood was spent drawing and painting with her mother as her "art teacher", along with her 5 sisters in the hills of Tennessee and the mountains of Montana.

Recently Shariyah (Yiyah) moved from Los Angeles, CA where she was working as a fashion designer, to a remote island in New Zealand. There she spends most of each day painting and creating in her small studio, overlooking rolling green pastures with sheep grazing, wine vineyards, and the ocean beyond. Shariyah sells her art online as well as exhibiting her paintings in a local gallery. Her more recent work explores mixed media portraits, with a reniassance-like feel that embodies a spiritual or expressive essence.

"I believe that art is really just communication of something from deep within the artist. Memories, dreams, joys, sadness, spiritual journeys. I hope that people of all ages and backgrounds can relate in some way to my work and receive inspiration from it."

I am so surprised, and honored to share this "Artist of the month" award with Becky, and thrilled to be part of this Creative Soul community! Thank you so much each one of you, for this gift that I will never forget! It encourages me to continue to follow my dream, and as in the words of Rumi, "Let the beauty we love be what we do."

Peace & Love


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