Friday, April 15, 2011

Flying Again...

Welcome to the Creative Souls Flyer, a weekly 'whats on' event reminder for members.
-3000 members!...yes thats right, we passed the 3000 members mark this week!...Congratulations are in order to all of you for being part of such a vibrant and creative community! Together we are greater than we could ever be alone.
-The Newsletter:
Should be out this coming week, with any luck, with in depth news on whats going on at creative souls, and a new featured artist. If you wish to be a featured artist, please POST your art!, for no one ever appreciated art that was never seen, so be bold, show us all what you've been up to, and share the creativity :)
- Creative Souls publishing Ltd has a new BLOG.
You can also catch up with what is happening with CSP on YoutubeTwitter, or Facebook, and there is also the Creative Souls Community Blog for more general news about what is going on with Creative Souls these days. We have a full spring and summer planned, and the new shop will be opening very soon also, and more information will be available on the site and these links regarding selling items through the shop in the very near future, so keep an eye open, or follow us at the above links, this is YOUR community after all :)
-Self promotion Tuesdays:
Was a great success, and many new and inspiring artistic creations were seen by your fellow artists, so don't forget, TUESDAY is the chance for you to self promote your work on the Creative Souls Fan Page, It might be worth mentioning that you can also self promote your work on the main Ning site, on the Self Promotion Discussion Section, many folks already take advantage of this facility, and it is a great way to show others what you are doing and what you have to sell and share... so don't be shy, be seen! 
- Some Magazine News:
Yes the Creative souls magazine will be coming out soon, we have assembled a creative team to put the magazine together, and now await some of your artwork, articles and submissions. DON'T HESITATE, because if you do it will be too late! If you want to be seen in Print, send your submissions in now! :)

Thanks also to all those who took part in our monthly soulful self portrait challenge, "You and Your shadow", we had some incredible presentations, and look forward to the new entries in the 6th challenge 'Soles for Souls', come join us in this creative fun event. Speaking of Events, here is a slightly more comprehensive list of upcoming events

If you wish to make an ARTS announcement to the community of over 3000 artists, please visit the Announcements message board. You have to be heard to be seen! :)

Have a creative weekend, and a great week!