Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creative Souls Network

We at Creative Souls Publishing believe it is important to be fully linked in to the community, and to this ends we have created a network of fully integrated social media avenues, that allow each and every one of you the chance to participate in what is happening at Creative Souls Publishing each and every day.

For those that wish to join in the fun whilst being mobile there is the Creative Souls Twitter feed which allows you all to follow what is happening at CSP, instantly and all day.

For those wishing to view some of the Video productions we have already produced, and the ongoing Audio Visual experience that will encompass Creative Souls Channel broadcasts, along with Audio Books, and various workshop experiences in the future, there is the Creative Souls Youtube Channel.

Finally for a more leisurely view of what is happening at Creative Souls Publishing, you may wish to join the ever growing community at Creative Souls Facebook Page.

All of these linked in, and online experiences of course would be nothing without the community of which we are a part, and to take a look at the exciting artwork that is being produced on a daily basis, and what projects may be up and coming i urge you to visit our community of over 3000 artists at the Creative Souls Community.

BUT WAIT... there is more!

Coming very soon, Creative Souls Publishings very own Store, where you can purchase items specifically designed for you by the Artists at Creative Souls, and affiliates.

The marketing and company model is like nothing the free market has ever seen before, and will allow Creative Souls Publishing to put back 90% of its net profits back into the community by way of Charitable contributions... yes thats right 90%...

So, stay tuned...