Wednesday, April 13, 2011

something new Creative Souls Publishing Ltd

We are a collective of over 3000 artists, and this is our Publishing arm. In the coming months we hope to change the face of the artistic community, and the business community to boot, with an innovative business model that seeks to give back to the community, by way of charitable contribution, that which the community has given to us. We will be producing Books, Ebooks, Audio visual presentations, 'How to' books, Children's Literature, and a plethora of Publishable prints and artistic works, all of which will be available through our SHOP. An innovative Business model has been designed by creative business minds that allows us to give back 90% of our Net profits to charitable causes of merit, to support artistic and community efforts world wide in there efforts to give future generations of young artists the chance to produce even greater creative opportunities and works. We hope that you will join us in making Creative Souls Publishing, the watch word in the business community, and charitable communities, not to mention the Arts world as we seek to explode upon the scene with Creative and artistic verve and vigor.