Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"It was your Heart within your Art, that flew upon those airy wings into my own, enjoining souls that once alone, resound now in blessed unity, and sing in soulful raptured harmony..." RMP Welcome to the Creative Souls Flyer, a weekly 'whats on' event reminder for members. -The Newsletter will still be out each Month, with more in depth information and featured artists, but to fill the gaps for members in the intervening weeks, here is a brief run down on whats happening this week at Creative Souls. So come get involved, and together let us shine a bright Artistic and Creative light for each other and those that seek inspiration. -We have a New group of Administrators on the site to help Izabella with the ever increasing demands, events, and projects that are taking off on the creative souls site. Peggi, Kimmie, Judy, Richard, Melissa and Joy will now be available for the site, and should help things run easier. -Creative Souls publishing Ltd is an exciting edition to the site, and we look forward in the coming months to seeing a number of collaborative projects published, both in Ebooks form and Books. We will be looking to expand this part of the site gradually in the next year, SO, Look out for whats happening with this exciting new venture.