Thursday, July 7, 2011


Garden, July 4th 011 copy

Happy Independence Day!
Celebrate the Red, White & Blue!  I'm a little late due to parties but it's good to celebrate our great country any time!
Garden, July 4th 055 copy
My favorite colors for my kitchen have always been Red, White and Blue!  I remember in my other house I suggested a red kitchen and some people said that was "a stupid color for a kitchen", needless to say I did it anyway, I painted all the walls red with white trim, and white cupboards which I filled with blue  and white fancy teacups and my very special blue glass (cobalt) most of them are packed away until I find room for them. (hence the display cabinet being built!) ....someday it will be finished..  *sigh*
This is a gorgeous table runner that my friend Noreen Strautin- quilter!  If you click on it you'll see the details in her work. She made is specially for me with only my color requests. Blue glass
This is a few of my pieces (photo taken this past winter).

  Cabinet 001 copy
The cabinet close to finish!  Almost 8 months! Yikes!

Here is some more blue...  Beautiful pansies in my garden.
Garden, July 4th 017

One last picture of one of a blue grackle of the grab and eat crew!                                     Untitled-2  Thank upi fpr stopping by.  If you leave a comment I can come by and visit you!