Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Katrina Van Tassel

My Inspiration For This Halloween Digital Art Piece

~ Kym Decker ~

I have always collected vintage images and antique ephemera and was thrilled when I learned how to create digital art with my beloved images as the subject! When a idea or image comes to mind, my favorite part of my artistic process begins! I am always excited as I look for the treasured images that will speak to my imagination and show me exactly how they will portray the art project I have in mind! I can't wait to start working in Photoshop with the goodies I have found! As the creative process takes over, I smile as I vanish in to the little world I have created where magic and curiosity abound!

My creativity is fueled by the intensity of inspiration that I feel as I begin adding images along with little parts of myself, my feelings into the art. Art doesn't have any meaning for me unless I have allowed my feelings, my inner soul, to control and define the shape, design, and theme of the art, that when finished, defines the "real" me through the symbols, images, and colors I have used in the art piece.

My creativity seeks an outlet to tell a story about myself, to show who I am inside, or just to empty out the emotions of a bad day! At other times, I feel whimsical and want my art to say something about my happiness, my hopes, and all of my dreams that I have envisioned for myself!

When a day of careless freedom arrives, I will plunge myself into a large array of fun, fanciful images that will express the appreciation I have for the joys of my life! The day that Lynne at Moonlight Journey sent the collage sheet "Beautiful Witches" to me and I saw the elegant image of this vintage witch, I immediately wanted to use her to create some funny, irresistible Halloween digital art! I originally started out with one cat for "Miss Katrina" but he seemed very lonely and so I added three more cats and sat back to watch how much more amusement they brought to the piece! The mischievous cats show their personality quite plainly in the slant of their "curious" eyes and the look on their furry faces! Miss Katrina doesn't look that amused...or does she? Even so, this piece of art is something fun that I hope will make you smile and take you back to those nostalgic days of childhood when Halloween was something mystical, a magical evening of make believe, silly surprises, and spooky fun!

Have a Very Happy Halloween!

Credits: All images used in this digital art piece came from the

Halloween Collage Sheets from Moonlight Journey!
http://www.moonlightjourney.com/ (http://www.moonlightjourney.com/)