Monday, September 3, 2012

Pushpa Ramesh

Interview with an Artist

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Pushpa Ramesh. *********************************************************************
Patti – Hi, Pushpa, thanks so much for doing this interview with me. First of all, share with me a little bit about what it’s like living India. Were you born there?
What are your seasons like in there? Does it get really hot? Does it snow in winter?
Pushpa -We enjoy all the four seasons. India, like it’s culture has diverse climate. We have Himalayan peaks covered in snow through-out the year to sandy deserts & lovely beaches. In Hyderabad where I live, weather is mostly moderate throughout the year, but hot in summers.
Patti -Tell me about your family. Are you a married women and if so how long have you been married? Do you have children, grandchildren, or pets?
Pushpa - I am married now for 19 yrs to a wonderful, kind hearted man and have a lovely 13 year old daughter, Rhea.
Patti - Share with me how you first became interested in creating digital art?
Pushpa - I was always artistically inclined & studied art as a part of my graduation. But once I started working, I was unable to give any time to art. In 2003, I quit my day job to stay with my daughter & decided to pursue art, which I enjoyed so much. While staying in Sharjah (UAE) I had the opportunity to join Sharjah Art & Calligraphy Institute, to enhance my artistic skills. I was motivated by my teacher (Arabic Calligrapher) Mr. Mohammed Al Nori whose Calligraphy Skills were brilliant. He introduced me to World of Digital Art and I never looked back. Once I relocated back to India in 2010 (still miss the vibrant Art community that I had in Sharjah) I continued experimenting with Photoshop. My dear friend Parvathy and her constant motivation introduced me to “Digital Whisper's 100 theme challenge” which we both participated and thereafter Digital Art became a Passion.
Patti - Have you always created digital art or did you start with mixed media?
Pushpa - Prior to Digital art, I have worked in mixed media, ceramic pottery; sculpture. Had the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions organized in UAE.
Patti - How did you learn digital art? Did you teach yourself or did you take art courses or lessons?
Pushpa - The digital art what I have made is by experimenting and through various tutorials available on net. The guidance provided by “Digital Whisper's team” helped me in enhancing my skills further. I still feel that I there is so much more to learn & master. I do feel if I would have taken some lessons, they would have certainly come very handy.
Patti - Do you incorporate any mixed media art with your digital creations?
Pushpa - I used some of my mixed media, as backgrounds in digital art. But I am looking forward to bringing my digital art into mixed media.Pushpa - I always compare my present & previous work. I keep many of my old works in .psd, for reference. I want to go back to some of my old works and want to re-work on them. This is also with my paintings too.
Patti - Do you look back on some or your earlier art and compare what you have learned and how it has changed?
Pushpa - The knowledge that I have now, has changed the way I intercept my own art now.
Patti - These digital pieces are outstanding. Does music inspire you to create?
Pushpa - Thank you, In-fact these are some of my favorite pcs too. I find music very therapeutic. Music, dance, nature, life all inspire me to create.
Patti - What program do you use to create digital art? What are your favorite tools or filters?
Pushpa - I use CS 5 Extended. Background eraser & quick selection tool are my favorite tools. Render & distort are the filters I like to use often.
Patti _ Have you ever had any of your work published? If so tell me about it
Pushpa - Still waiting for an opportunity :-)
Patti - I viewed you blog and saw all of your beautiful paintings
Your work is outstanding Pushpa !
Pushpa - I am glad that you liked my paintings. Thank you.
Please visit my “Facebook” page where I have put my entire portfolio –
Patti - Do you have a favorite artist or someone that inspires your work?
Pushpa - There are so many great artists creating such diverse & amazing work at “Creative Souls” & “DeviantArt”, that there is no dearth for inspiration.
Patti - What do you like to do for recreation or to relax?
Pushpa - Creating art, traveling, listening to good music, watching comedy soap-operas, good movies, spending time with my family, company of loved ones; friends – all help me relax.
Patti - Many artists are inspired by music. Do you like music playing when you create? What is your favorite music?
Pushpa - I enjoy listening to music, but inspiration for me comes from many different sources & music is a part of it. I like music not only while creating, but generally too. My favorite would be, slow; simple numbers like Adele & Engelbert Humperdinck.
Patti - Here is a fun question…Would you rather have a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of pudding and what would your favorite flavor be?
Pushpa - Oh, I have a sweet-tooth. Why do I have to choose? Can I please… have both?
It would be ice cream. My favorite flavor would be “praline cream” or “tiramisu”.
Patti - What is your strongest pet peeve?
Pushpa - Pet-peeve would be screeching / scratching sounds.
Patti - Lastly Pushpa, if you could spend one day with any artist who would that artist be?
Pushpa - I would like to spend time with “Thomas LaBadia”. I find his work very intriguing because he includes totally different elements in his pc; combines it in a beautiful way.
Patti - Thank you so much Pushpa, it has been fun getting to know you. I admire your work and I am sure the Creative Souls family will be thrilled to know you better too.
Pushpa - Thank you Patti for this wonderful opportunity to connect with Creative Souls Members
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