Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interview with an Artist 
Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Lori Saul. *********************************************************************
Patti – Hi, Lori, thanks so much for doing this interview with me.
First of all, share with me a little bit about Novato, CA. Is Novato in northern or Southern CA. Were you born there?
Lori - Novato is a lovely community in Marin County just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and considered the gateway to the Wine country. I was born in Marin and have lived all over the county and have now settled for good in Novato.
Patti - Tell me about your family. Are you a married women and if so how long have you been married? Do you have children, grandchildren, or pets?
Lori - My husband and I met in High School and have been married for 38 great years. Our only son Aaron (32) just got married last weekend! No grandkids yet…. We love dogs and have birds and an assortment of wonderful wildlife friends as well.
Patti – Share with me how you first became interested in creating digital art?
Lori - About three years ago I got my first digital camera and enjoyed taking art photos but wanted to do more with them. I purchased Photoshop Elements 7 (the program I still use) and I was off! I’m totally self taught and am still learning every day.
Patti – Have you always created digital art or did you start with mixed media?
Lori - For many years I was a fiber artist and have also worked in stained glass, mosaics, jewelry and altered books. Digital is still new to me but I love the possibilities it allows me to create. I still love mixed media and it is where the basis for my creative method comes from but I also enjoy not getting covered in glue and solder these days!
Patti -How did you learn digital art? Did you teach yourself or did you take art courses or lessons?
Lori - I am self taught; spending hours of digital play and experimenting in Photoshop. Not everything works so you search for new ways of achieving the visual landscape that you desire. I have taken a couple of Photoshop classes at the local junior college and found that to be very helpful in addition to the many tutorials available.
Patti – Do you incorporate any mixed media art with your digital creations?
Lori - Yes, I often scan interesting objects like feathers, lace, fabric, stamps you name it into my files and then bring them up into the Photoshop Editor to be blended or layered into my pieces.
Patti – This piece looks like a painting. Would you share how you achieved this effect?
Lori - I love to use bold imagery and blend and layer the imagery in the editor of Photoshop elements. I work a lot with imagery that is symbolic and of course with Frida as a subject there is so much that speaks to her essence. Pain, beauty, mystery and color all encompass her art style and I tried to recreate that feeling here mainly with multi-layering and lighting filters.
Dark Sister
Patti - This piece is amazing. Did you use brushes to get this textured look?
Lori - Here the central image (from really captivated me. I altered her greatly with reduced opacity and gradient filters to achieve a more Gothic look. I added the lightening photo to create texture. The lips and eyes were indeed enhanced with brushes and multiply filters.
Winter Muse
Patti- This is my all time favorite. The layers in this piece are amazing. Your art is versatile. Have you tried Zeti? So many artists are doing Zeti lately. What inspires you to create?
Lori - I had taken a hiatus from blogging last year (about 4 months) and this was my winter’s muse- my comeback piece. I don’t know where it came from but it represented a refreshed and renewed artist even in the depths of winter. I guess it is a bit Zetti- although I struggle with that style- I keep trying as it really makes me stretch and go outside of “my box”. My inspiration for creating digital art (besides the many blog “challenges” that I enter) is the same as any form of art that I jump into and that is color, nature, the seasons and art itself. Going to museums or arts and crafts fairs/galleries totally fires me up to try new things and to give my work a new level of sophistication.
Patti – What program do you use to create digital art? What are your favorite tools or filters?
Lori - I use Photoshop Elements. Gradient filters, soft light filters, the clone tool and artistic brushes. I can’t live without the undo button!
Patti – Have you ever had any of your work published? If so tell me about it.
Lori - I am still a bit shy about sending my work off to Somerset but that is on my list to do someday!
Patti – Do you have a website or Etsy Shop or any other network?
Lori - I have an art blog .
Patti – Do you have a favorite artist or someone that inspires your work?
Lori - So many artists inspire me and I am so glad to have found all of the amazing artists at Creative Souls and the many art blogs all over the world- it just keeps you going with the endless possibilities available now. It is hard for me to center on just one.
Patti – Do you have a studio in your home?
Lori - Yes I have an art room for mixed media and my computer room for digital work. Actually I’m spread out all over the house!
Patti – What do you like to do for recreation or to relax?
Lori - Hike with my dog.
Patti – Many artists are inspired by music. Do you like music playing when you create? What is your favorite music?
Lori - I used to listen to music a lot more when I was younger. These days I like it quiet when I create.
Patti – Here is a fun question…Would you rather have a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of pudding and what would your favorite flavor be?
Lori - I’m so boring… ice cream – vanilla.
Patti - What is your strongest pet peeve?
Lori - People who do not keep an open mind or are not willing to try something new.
Patti – Lastly Lori, if you could spend one day with any artist who would that artist be?
Lori - I am strongly pulled toward the Pre -Raphaelite period in art and any of the artists (Rosetti) of that time would be fascinating to know. The romance and beauty of that period is so graceful and full of rich color- totally inspirational.
Patti – Thank you so much Lori, it has been fun getting to know you. I admire your work and I am sure the Creative Souls family will be thrilled to know you better too.
Happy Creating!
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