Friday, November 2, 2012

Interview with an Artist - Leina

                                                             Interview with an Artist                                                            

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Leina . *************************************************
Patti – Hi, Leina, thanks so much for doing this interview with me.
Leina - Thank you for my invitation...
First of all, share with me a little bit about what it’s like living in France. Were you born there? Are you near Paris?
Leina –I leave near the old town of Poitiers in the region of Poitou-Charentes. It’s near the Atlantic ocean. It’s a region of plain. I lived in 44 miles of the place where I was born (70km) and my parents live there always. Poitiers is at 85 miles of the ocean (138 km) and at 210 miles of Paris (339km) . I have work during 23 years to Paris. I like the ocean and its islands. We have two islands, the Ile de Ré and the Ile d'Oléron where we go often.
Patti – What are your seasons like in there? Does it get really hot? Does it snow in winter?
Leina – I like spring, summer and autumn, but not the winter….The climate is soft, it is never very cold, or very warmly. Last year we had some snow during more than a week, it was really exceptional.
Today, in october, the weather was beautiful and the temperature was 68.000 Fahrenheit (20°Celsisus). But if it is raining the temperature comes down to 53.000 Farhrenheit (12°) .
Patti - Tell me about your family. Are you a married women and if so how long have you been married? Do you have children, grandchildren, or pets?
Leina – I am married for 44 years to Jacky and I have a son and a 14-year-old granddaughter. My mother and my father are of more than 80 years old.
Patti –You mentioned to me that you don’t consider yourself an artist but just a hobbyist. Leina your work is wonderful and you are an artist, a digital artist. Share with me how you first became interested in creating digital art?
Leina – Yes I am hobbyist. But I work in digital every evening before going to sleep.... I was always interested in the art, the photography...I like photography and I realized albums in scrapbooking. When the digital technology arrived I began to make photo albums on the net, but I was limited. In 2006, I discovered Photoshop elements (PSE4). And in 2009 when I retired I discovered the site of Digital Whisper and I became an enthusiast of digital.
Patti – Have you always created digital art or did you start with mixed media?
Leina –. It’s very curious I began with the digital and now I learn the painting and the drawing. The world's gone crazy!
Patti -How did you learn digital art? Did you teach yourself or did you take art courses or lessons?
Leina - I learnt the digital art alone from the tutorials which are published in magazines which I find in France as for example Advanced Creation. I like less tutorials on the net because they are not often in French and I can better read again them on the paper. But I appreciate the tutorial of Digital Whisper and Creative Souls! I use translator!
Patti – Do you incorporate any mixed media art with your digital creations?
Leina –No, at the moment I did not mix the digital art and my other realizations. It’s the thing which I could try soon, because I try of realized at the moment by the mixed media with the watercolor, pens and oil pastels.
Patti – Do you look back on some or your earlier art and compare what you have learned and how it has changed like in this piece “1000 years ago” created in 2011?
Leina - You chose my favorite pieces. This piece is the first where I believe to have introduced an atmosphere even if it’s not colored what is very difficult for me. I had just discovered deviant art and its stock of photos. I like use many textures and I like the small details: Saw you the note paper? I try to put fewer details.. and I would work more the light.
Patti - This piece is so beautiful. “On A Beautiful Summer Morning” The colors here are so vibrant. My favorite piece for sure Leina. What source did you use before we had Deviant Scrap?
Leina - For this piece, I use many gradients curves ( it’s the good terms?) for found this beautiful colours which represents for me the morning serenity.
Before using the stock of deviant art, I used that of the stock.xchng and the stocks of magazine. I thank the artists who so make us a precious present.
Patti – What program do you use to create digital art? What are your favorite tools or filters?
Leina –I use Photoshop Elements 10. I often use masks and I use textures on the masks: it’s a real progress compared with the previous versions. The feather is not more missing than.
Patti – Have you ever had any of your work published? If so tell me about it.
Leina - I have not really published works but since two years I realized the posters of the exhibition of the club where i learn frame.
Patti – I visited your Gallery at and also your blog at where I saw your latest creation.
“You Want, You Want Not”
This piece is stunning.
Leina – Thank you for your visit. This piece is very colored. There are only the required pieces and the model (I was lucky to find this colored model)….then I worked the background. For the background i use 5 textures and many masks on the textures…..
Patti – Do you have a favorite artist or someone that inspires your work?
Leina – I like classic painters: Monet, Kandinsky, Klee, Picasso, Klimt or Wharhol. In digital I am curious I visit many sites.
Patti – What do you like to do for recreation or to relax?
Leina - I have some hobby: I make frames, the patience and the accuracy is needed and paint with acrylic and mix media: watercolor, pens, oil pastel… I also have a garden. And I travel a lot with our camper.
Patti – Many artists are inspired by music. Do you like music playing when you create? What is your favorite music?
Leina –I sometimes listen to some music but I like created in the silence. I like rock music.
Patti – Here is a fun question…Would you rather have a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of pudding and what would your favorite flavor be?
Leina –a bowl of ice-cream ……. with a ball of pistachio nut!
Patti - What is your strongest pet peeve?
Leina - I do not like cats and am afraid of big dogs....
Patti – Lastly Leina , if you could spend one day with any artist who would that artist be?
Leina – I would like to meet Luc Besson, a French director, a producer and a scriptwriter.
Patti – Thank you so much Leina , it has been fun getting to know you. I admire your work and I am sure the Creative Souls family will be thrilled to know you better too.
Leina –Thank you Patti and at Creative Souls.
Happy Creating !