Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Creative Souls Featured Artist Richie Montgomery - Electrickoolaidart

With a grateful heart, a loving soul, and an open mind, I present to you ElectricKoolAid Art... Please check out the short videos!!

My philosophical surrealistic drawings are known for their unique twist on life and our perspective of it. The "hidden in plain sight" details of my work are ruminants of the great masters like M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali. My work takes an extraordinary amount of time to complete, sometimes up to 3 months or more as the very fine details take quite a while and are sure to keep you asking questions forever. The more you look into the art the more you will see, the details are quite mind blowing and zooming in close is highly recommended. Along with many other things, there is a duck and a penny hidden in almost all of my works. I include them for the love of my girlfriend because on our first date we fed the ducks and to this day when me or her find a penny on the ground we give them to each other as an 'I Love You" penny. I enjoy drawing my hyper-detailed art very much and hope that you will as well.
I have been drawing my entire life and have had no formal training other than just my own desire to create from the time I could hold a crayon or pencil. I enjoy many different types of art yet surrealism holds my passion the most.
I get my inspiration from my many travels throughout the country while living life as homeless alcoholic train-hopping and hitchhiking to get around, my strange view of the world and the strange quirky nature that I have on life. I gained sobriety and with that change in my life, I gained a whole new perspective. While begging for money in Harvard Square, I met a woman who finally gave me a reason to actually live, instead of spending my life chasing the next beer, God sent her to me and now I am living my dream. I have settled down and finally had and took a chance to actually do something with my life besides drink, I decided to pursue my art. I spend an enormous amount of time drawing each and every fantastic detail and enjoy every line and dot that fills the paper.

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