Thursday, January 15, 2015

Creative Souls Featured Artist Cerrie Anne

Life is discovery! I spent my life chasing money and a career in sales, I spent 6 years in Vancouver and 1 year in Ontario, then after a failed relationship I moved back home  and for the past 5 years I have been living in Winnipeg.
I spent the first year after moving back from Ontario asking myself why? “Why did my life suck?” “Why, can’t I meet a normal guy?”, “Why can’t I be happy?”, “I’m a good person, why does this always happen to me?”…. “why…WHY … WHY!!???”
The next 3 years I spent bettering myself as a whole, I started reading and I began to connect to truth and finding real purpose. One day along my journey about 2 years ago I decided to leave my job, give up my apt and spend the summer at the lake. I got a job and I disconnected from what I knew for so long. Something inside was changing and I felt a pull coming from within, I had to follow, it was my beginning. Weeks past and I felt my self-becoming free, I would walk daily and I really started to connect to a deeper place within. I was connecting with nature on an extreme level; I started to see the faces in the moss and beautiful designs on the organic Greenery around me. On one of my first kayaking outings, I found myself feeling safe and headed out further than normal; I ended up Kayaking along the water’s edge, looking ahead I saw this piece of wood, staring at it and thinking ”no way! That says Love”  The roots of a dead tree were sticking out of the water and read “Love” Later that day, I found myself a little ways from that spot. Jumping onto shore I started to look around and discovered some wood, I began to throw it closer to my kayak, what I didn’t know was as I was doing so my Angels were placing them for me safely on the ground, I saw this and went back and built my first Wing, It’s my Largest wing so Far and not for sale, I make make them in all sizes, I’ve made them as small as a magnet .
Fear was the demon I wore on my back most my life, when I replaced it with Faith in life and in myself, the questions I started to ask myself now changed, like I did. The Fear Knot Angel wing is special, it’s for you to stick along your daily path. When you see it let it calm you knowing that no matter what you’re doing, The Angels are there to protect you on your Journey.
Live in Love

THE ECBD Project - Her way of giving back 

They say to dream big... I Dream of a world full of unconditional Love. 
Earth Child by Design; is an Organic, Natural and Gmo free ingredient Company.
The Design of my company is to bring Natural, Organic and Gmo Free ingredient products to people who want them, as well as for the poor who aren’t given a choice to have them.
Poverty is a sad reality that exists and 1 in 10 people are living in poverty.

The thought came to me over 7 years ago, I was in a situation. Being in a new city at the time I had to ask for extended help from some of the local resources available, at this time I would have been considered less fortunate. Being set up with the basic necessities for survival by these fantastic organizations gave me a feeling of renewal and the thought that it's going to be okay.

One of the things that I received was a mixture of random hotel shampoos and at that very min I remembered the day before, I was walking past a well-known bath and beauty store and thought how wonderful it would have been to buy some bubble bath. I just wanted the reality of what I was in to go away.
While taking my bath in my hotel shampoos... I thought there has to be more that I could do.

Years past and it stayed with me as a thought, popping up every time I saw a struggling mother with her children or someone sitting alone looking lost or in need of help.
One day after suffering with a terrible rash all the way up my neck, I sought help from 3 Dr’s and with 3 prescriptions, and 2 months later I finally got sent to a Dermatologist. It was clear to him and he told me "Cerrie, you have Ezema."

With this life affecting info I became aware and went on a mission to give myself the best. I realized a lot of the products can be full of preservatives and full of genetically modified and synthetic ingredients which turned out to irritate my skin and remain toxic in my body.
I was just a little careless at times and didn't really care what I use on my skin.

I've spent time perfecting recipes for my sensitive skin. I haven't had an outbreak since using my products I haven't had the need to use anymore proscribed medicated creams. I can't help but believe that Natural and Organic Gmo free ingredients are the way to go. 

Ecbd project was formed from a situation which gave me the feelings I needed to form the thought, it was all triggered by a skin issue, that I'm now blessed for having.
 By supporting Earth child by design a portion of all proceeds goes in support of  The Ecbd Project ,creating hand crafted Natural, Organic and Gmo Free ingredient products for the poor. No matter the circumstances in one’s life there is always enough to go around.