Thursday, January 15, 2015

CS Featured Artist - The Organic Artist Nick Neddo

Creative Souls featured ARtist... Wow! Just WOW!! Don't you LOVE it when you discover new artists!! (well, new to you:) and they just blow your mind!!! (smile emoticon) I am really impressed with this artist as I am sure you will too!! Intriquing, interesting, inspiring!!!

CS feature ARtist... The Organic Artist Nick Neddo ~"Nevertheless there is an alarming trend of neglect and even abuse of the creative spirit in young people. The repression of creativity and critical thinking seem to be one of the primary results (if not an objective) of the American public schooling model. Creativity is like a muscle that all people are born with; it is a survival tool. If it is not exercised it will not develop or get stronger. In essence, creative abilities can atrophy. The result is more and more adults who have lost touch with this innate ability. A society that lacks creativity is a cross-section of a culture that has lost a foundational element of humanity." Check out his book and be sure to And check out his website and FB

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